Monday, January 30, 2017

Confessions of A Pilates Teacher #1

Happy Monday! Where did the weekend go?! Anyway, today I'm sharing my confessions with you today...

While you may think your Pilates teacher is an indestructible super human, who eats all things fresh and healthy, commits to working out a minimum an hour every single day of the week, and the list goes on...You may be surprised to find out that your Pilates teacher is human just like you AND isn't the health whiz you imagined.

I confess:

1. I don't work out everyday.
Ideally, as Joseph Pilates would probably advise you if he were still alive today, you should aim to workout 5 to 6 times a week and incorporate 1 day of rest a week into your fitness regime. HOWEVER, does that mean that I always get that number of workouts in every single week? No! For example, this past month the stomach bug went slowly around our house for two weeks. Between taking care of sick ones and then getting sick myself- there were about two weeks that I only got maybe 4 workouts in. AND it is okay. The next week I got myself back on track because even if I don't feel like I always have the energy to workout- I'm happier, less stressed, and energized when I do Pilates. This makes me more able to take care of the little feet running around my house, my sweet husband, and even my Pilates client that walks in the door.... like the saying "If mama is happy, then everybody is happy." I know it is the counselor in me coming out, but I really think self-care is important and you should too!

2. I love Pizza, french fries, and did i say ANYTHING sweet!
Yes, I admitted it. I like to eat all of those things. Do I eat them every single meal? No, but on occasion I do enjoy them from time to time. The key here is in moderation. I don't follow a certain diet rather I strive (and am still learning) ways to live a healthy lifestyle. I talked last month about my goal being working on cutting out processed food in my diet. And I should probably say most processed foods. I may eat something that is processed, has way too much sugar, and isn't organic from time to time. But for the most part, I try to incorporate easy, practical ways to eat healthy. For myself, I've found things that make this lifestyle work for me. I like to cook with organic unrefined coconut oil for most recipes- such as banana bread muffins. I buy fresh or frozen organic produce as much as possible (especially the produce on the dirty dozen.) And I could go on...but my point is my goal is to eat well most of the time.

Pictured above is some of the food items that I try to buy Organic. Did you know you can buy a lot of Organic products at Aldi?! Keeping the grocery budget in line while buying organic sounds like a win to me! I'll have to share more of my Organic grocery finds at Aldi soon.

3. I won't think you are cheating on me if you take a fitness class besides Pilates.
I've talked about Yoga and Pilates the past two days (here and here.) I myself LOVE yoga and especially fell in love with it during my second pregnancy. In fact this weekend, I took two Yoga classes and did not do much Pilates. I've actually recommended to clients before to try out a Slow Flow Yoga class or Long Slow and Deep Yoga class. I think any exercise is good for your body and will complement the work you are doing with Pilates. I know it's nice to have variety in your workout from time to time as well. So whether it's Pilates, Yoga, Cycling, Boxing, Weightlifting, Dancing, Swimming and I could go on and on- just live an active lifestyle! I think the idea I'm getting at here is do what feels good to your body and enjoy it!

Pictured above is the Foot Work Series on the Exo Chair (a Balanced Body version of the Wunda Chair.)

That's all of my confessions for now. I probably could share more, but then you might not want me to be your Pilates teacher. All jokes aside- we are all human. We aren't perfect. I like to give room to live a little bit in a healthy lifestyle and give myself grace- while finding the balance of not making excuses.

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  1. It's always good to know that our fitness instructor is a compassionate human and is on our side, not a dictator out to punish us lol. This is a good reminder, Donna. :) #motivationalmonday

    1. Thanks Stephanie ;) You'll find no judgements here! It's all about balance, moderation, and encouragement.