Friday, February 3, 2017

Five on Friday- Fighting Sickness and New Workout Gear

Happy Friday! I'm ready for a busy weekend, including starting two new Pilates class series this weekend.

We've had lots of sickness floating around our house the past few weeks, including the dreaded stomach bug. BUT I'm happy to report everyone has been healthy the past week and a half. So today I'm going to be sharing a lot about what I did to stay healthy and get over sickness faster.

O N E 
I'm a big fan of Probiotics and take them daily- they are so good for you and perfect for digestive health. Read here why. I take the Standard Process Probiotics 3 times a day, but when the stomach bug started, I increased to 4-5 times a day for an extra boost.

Once everyone started getting sick in my house, I also started taking my Immuplex vitamin again (also made by Standard Process.) I took this vitamin throughout my pregnancy (2 capsules, 3 times a day,) but hadn't been taking them lately. When sick or exposed to sickness, I take a total of 9 capsules a day (usually I would take 6 a day.) I swear by Immuplex- I avoided getting the Flu last year when everyone else in my house had it and I credit that to these vitamins.
I get both of these vitamins from my chiropractor, so you won't find them in store- check with a chiropractor or other wellness provider. But they are good quality vitamins and are made from whole foods, which is why you have to take more of them. (Side note- I shared yesterday about why I started going to the chiropractor. Click here. You should definitely check that out if you are pregnant!)

Lemon Water
I love drinking lemon water. But when sick or exposed to sickness, I drink it at least once a day. Lemons are a great boost for your immune system because they are high in Vitamin C. We did not have any lemons at home, so I used my Young Living Lemon Vitality essential oil instead. I put 1-2 drops in my water using my Yeti cup to keep it cold and refreshing.

DiGize Essential Oil 
That being said, I did end up getting the stomach bug. Like a week and a half later after everyone else was healthy. I'm not sure what happened, but I will say I had stopped drinking lemon water and had stopped taking my Immuplex vitamins two days before I got sick (bad move on my part.)

So anyways, this gave me the perfect opportunity to try my new essential oil DiGize. This is an essential oil blend made from Young Living- read more about it here. I had heard great things about this oil and ordered it after my house came down with the stomach bug.
Once I started feeling sick, I rubbed a mixture of coconut oil and one drop of the oil on my stomach in a circular motion. As soon as I did this, I would feel relief from my nausea. I did this several times the day I was sick. I only got sick on my stomach one time and just felt flu-like for the rest of the day. I credit that to my vitamins, the lemon water, and DiGize oil because everyone else was a thousand times sicker and for much longer than I ever was with the bug.

F O U R 
Lululemon- Align Crop Leggings
What better way than to celebrate surviving the stomach bug than a new pair of workout leggings! I picked these crop leggings up last week. I'm obsessed. Like if I'm honest- I've almost worn them almost every day the past week except when I've washed them ha.

New Mat
I also scored this new mat from Lululemon last Saturday. Note for locals to Huntersville and Lake Norman Area- Lululemon at Birkdale Village is starting back up their free Saturday Morning classes. They are having another class tomorrow at 8:30 AM. Anyways, I went last Saturday and they gifted those that attended a new mat. Who doesn't love a new mat?! I love it! It is the perfect amount of cushion, so I can use it for both Yoga and Pilates.
I'm using my new mat in this picture (and wearing the Align Crop leggings- see I said I LOVE them.) Pilates teacher tip- When purchasing a mat for Pilates, get a mat with extra cushion. In Pilates, you need extra cushion for your Spine for The Rolling Exercises. A more cushioned mat also feels better on your spine for exercises such as The Abdominal Series and The Hundred. In this picture, I'm doing The  Hundred. Read how to do this exercise here.

Have a great weekend!
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