Friday, February 24, 2017

Five on Friday- Spine Corrector, Healthy Muffins & Baby Snuggles

It's been a quiet week around here. And I took a little blogging hiatus this week. Ever feel like you can't keep up with all you want to accomplish? Totally was me this week. But it's finally Friday and there's always the weekend to get everything in on my agenda. Or maybe I can find a way to add more hours to a day...that would be amazing. But let's get to it.

The Pilates Spine Corrector
It's been awhile since I've played around with the Spine Corrector, but before and after teaching a few of my lessons this week, I decided to give it a go. I feel like I often forget about this piece of equipment- but it is so great to use to support your back and spine. It's a perfect place to work on keeping the pelvis lifted and build strength for back bends.
Here I am working on the Leg Series. I love to do Leg Circles on the Spine Corrector. You get a great opening along the front of the hip and thigh with the Spine Corrector. And it always feels good to finish your Spine Corrector work with some constructive rest (simply just allowing the legs to rest over the crest of the Spine Corrector.)

Lemon-Raspberry Muffins
So it's not secret that I love to bake and I love muffins. Seriously. I think I make at least one batch of muffins a week. Last week, I made Apple Cinnamon Muffins. Check them out here. This week I made two batches of muffins- Banana Bread Muffins and Lemon-Raspberry Muffins. I love all baked goods-breads, cookies, scones, muffins, and you name it- I'll eat it. Muffins make the perfect side for breakfast as well as an easy snack or healthy dessert option. So you can find me devouring up muffins everyday haha. 
I've been working my way through Lisa Leake's recipes in her book 100 Days of Real Food (she also has great recipes on her website.) So I baked the Lemon-Raspberry Muffins yesterday- and they did not disappoint. You can find the recipe here. So yummy! I froze half of the batch in a freezer bag for later. (You can just pull one out at a time and warm them up in the microwave.) Maybe next week I should try making some scones. 

Yoga Socks
So I'm not going to lie- I've always thought that Yoga Socks or grip socks were kind of silly. I'd rather just work out barefoot. Just my own personal preference. I have a few clients that swear by the Yoga Socks and won't come to class without them. I've never used them, but I did pick up a pair this week. 
Hubby got me some Barre Method classes for Valentine's Day and for Barre Classes, you are suppose to wear grip socks. So while in Target this week, I picked up a pair. Here's the catch though- I'm absolutely terrible with keeping up with socks and I often mismatch my socks, so here's to hoping I can keep up with both socks haha. I haven't tried them out yet, but I plan on trying them out on the Pilates equipment as well.

Searching for New Workout Tops
I'm on the hunt for some new workout tops, but I'm kind of picky in what I like. I'm not a big fan of workout tanks with cheesy sayings on the front. I also prefer form-fitting tops. Nothing drives me more crazy than when I'm working out and my top slides up. But I broke my rule and picked up this workout tank from Target this week. 
It's loose fitting, but I loved the color. The tank is coral with a maroon colored built-in sports bra. I'm still trying to decide whether or not I'll keep it. Even though I love the color, it will drive me crazy to workout with this top on and deal with it falling down in my face as I mentioned. I've also been eyeballing some tanks from the GapFit Breathe line. I had a maternity version of the GapFit Breathe Tank that I loved while I was pregnant, so maybe I'll return the tank I just got and scoop these tanks up from Gap instead. 

F I V E 
Baby Snuggles
So I'll close out with this sweet moment nursing my little one yesterday, who is constantly on the go now and often too curious to sit and cuddle nowadays. So yesterday when he snuggled up in my arms nursing, I totally soaked it in. Babies don't keep as we all know, so I'm going to savor every moment because he'll be a toddler before I know it. And those chunky thighs...don't even get me started on those...

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Aweee sweet baby fat! Enjoy these days. I'm still trying to remember how my baby turned four so quickly. I need a spine corrector for my back issue from my Monday work out - geeeeez! I need to remember those socks. Starting to barre in March! xo

  2. I know!! I just wish I could freeze time. Hope your back issue feels better soon! I'm new to Barre also...hope you enjoy. Now that I have the socks, hopefully I'll remember to take them with me haha. Have a good weekend!

  3. Replies
    1. Agreed! I'm soaking them up as much as I can.

  4. Baby snuggles are the best! I have gone to a barre3 class and it didn't require socks so I am always intrigued by the barre socks. Jess at Just Jess

    1. Yes!! I'm missing the newborn snuggle days. Cool...I'm excited to give it a try!

  5. Yum, I am definitely making those lemon raspberry muffins this weekend! They look amazing!

  6. Hope you had a chance to make them! I froze half the batch and already finished them all off, so I guess it's time to make some more!