Saturday, February 4, 2017

Saturday Reads and Inspiration

 Hello Saturday! Here are some great reads I've come across this week for you to checkout this weekend, including some inspiration for your Super Bowl Party tomorrow. Enjoy!

1. Olympic athletes that do Pilates- (read here.)
I shared this article this week on my Facebook page, but in case you missed it- check this article out! Missy Franklin and Kerry Walsh-Jennings are two of my favorites...I mean obviously they are both are in incredible shape, but I had no idea that they do Pilates.

2. Health benefits of drinking lemon water- (read here.)
I talked yesterday about why I drink lemon water. It is a great boost for your immune system because it is high in Vitamin C. But there are lots of other reasons to drink lemon water, such as reducing blemishes and joint pain. Plus- lemons give your water some flavor to help you increase how much water you drink.

3. Healthy and delicious Super Bowl Food ideas.
I'm still working on my Super Bowl menu, but I've seen some great ideas here, here, and here. I plan on teaching Pilates, taking a Yoga class, and then enjoying some yummy food tomorrow.

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