Monday, February 6, 2017

Working Out with Kids

I totally understand how hard it is to workout with kids- especially when your kids are young and need a lot from mommy, including diaper changes, nursing, help using the potty, something to eat, and the list goes on. There is so much to get done everyday...right?!? Get laundry washed and folded. Prep dinner and get the dishes washed.

Some days look like this too if you stay home with your kids. They both need mommy (or in this case I jokingly say- poke your eyes and pull your hair out.) Even with all of that going on- it is SO important and good for you to workout! These are some ways I try to get my workouts in during the week.

1. Workout early in the morning before the kids get up and/or during the kids' nap time. 
Obviously this is my goal on days I am not teaching in the studio or I do not plan on going to Yoga class. Yes, this my ideal goal, but does it always happen? No! There are days I really do not want to get up early and I want to stay in bed for as long as possible...until little ones starting calling for me. And I love it when both kids nap at the same time, but this does not happen everyday either. And if they do nap at the same time- sometimes I've got to choose between working out OR making dinner, doing the dishes, and tackling the mountain sized pile of laundry. Even though I'd be sooo happy if I could accomplish all of this during nap time, but I'm not superwoman.

2. Go to a group fitness class WITH childcare.
I think it's such a genius idea for gyms, yoga studios, and fitness centers to offer childcare. I don't have to use this option very often, but it's nice to have available. Kids get to play and have fun and you get to workout (without distractions) sounds like a win in my book.

So when #1 or #2 doesn't work out, I result to either #3-6 or all of the below!

3. Roll out an extra mat for the kids and workout (or at least try...)
So I think my oldest LOVES Yoga/Pilates mats. In fact, I think she's claimed them as her own. And if I can't find my mat, it's probably because she has been playing with it. And its not uncommon to find toys on the mat. See below. Yes, Anna and Elsa do Pilates. My oldest loves to roll herself up in the mat like a burrito or pretend the mat is her bed (she folds the mat in half to make a blanket). So there you have it- mats double as toys in our house.

4. Encourage your kids to follow your workout and copy you!
I think it is so important to model a healthy, active lifestyle to your kids. Little ones love to mimic what they see grown ups do around them...and they pick up on so much that we often don't even realize at the time. That being said- my oldest loves to get on her mat beside me and try to do what I am doing. Yes, she'll do The Hundred and try Rolling Like a Ball. And we have fun together!

5. Have your kids help you workout.
It is as simple as that. Have your kids help you get things you need during your workout. "Hand mommy the weights, or the yoga block, the strap, the magic circle..." My oldest loves to help mommy, so this keeps her occupied at least for a few moments.

6. Pull out your their favorite snacks, toys, and you name it- and power through your workout.
Sometimes I'll work out when my oldest eats a snack in the afternoon. I'll get the snack out and then start working out. Or I'll pull out activities that she can do by herself that take a little time, such as play dough. One thing I don't do is turn the TV on while I'm working out. Maybe it is a silly rule I have, but I want to instill in my kids being active and I just can't justify turning the TV on just so I can workout.

I hope this motivates you or gives you some ideas to try so you can squeeze whatever workout you prefer into your day when you have little ones.

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